@woodbark @edsu bear in mind, I have not tested this. I just put it together on my phone

@woodbark @edsu the issue seems to be that the program is not writing the output CSV as UTF-8. I think this slightly modified version will work gist.github.com/zacherybohon/6

@woodbark Normally for something like this I think I would suggest writing a python script to convert the data into a CSV. Then you should be able to pull that into Excel

@woodbark can you describe what it is you're looking to do exactly?

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as of today the SB8 rule is in effect in texas. it attempts to criminalize abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy by making those who perform or assist with them liable for lawsuits. it is nearly impossible to know you’re pregnant before 6 weeks.

the people in TX putting themselves at legal risk to continue to perform & support abortions are true heroes. consider donating to a TX abortion aid fund if you have spare cash. they need all the help they can get. (links in reply)

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@orko aha the font is really close in color to the light theme background in Tusky. If you switch to another theme you should see it

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@orko hm weird

not screen reader friendly 

such as:

:souls_s: :souls_o: :souls_u: :souls_l: :souls_s:

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There was a website that let you see emojis from across the fediverse. Does anyone have the link? I am trying to find all the custom fonts

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🦀 Versuch einer Naturgeschichte der Krabben und Krebse:
Berlin ;Bei Gottlieb August Lange, 1782-1804.

@float13 @thegibson Mt Gox was just regular fraud. This would be something different. The entire basis of the currency would be undermined. It would be like if you suddenly realized every US Dollar was just a sheet of paper drawn in crayon and any 6 year old could make as much of it as they wanted.

@thegibson you could anonymously create one with a backdoor, wait for it to develop a high level of investment then publish the exploit. Seeing a cryptocurrency literally evaporate overnight would probably knock the shine off the whole industry.

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Me and the boys about to tear it up at the honky tonk

@twistylittlepassages @MorningSong @possum @savagegoose it would be convenient if it was all W.E. folks cause these will all be features that are eventually headed for W.E.

If I can get sendgrid to cooperate and the server in a totally prod ready state, would anyone be interested in an account on here? This will be a test server so you'd have to expect periodic outages but it might be nice to have a couple of folks to help kick the tires on new features. This is a pretty small VPS so I probably don't need to add many users but I could probably fit three or four?

I'm importing all my follows from my main account, but I think I'll be primarily posting from W.E.

@eldang I suspect that my mail config being broken may have clogged up the sidekiq queue.

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